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History of the Outstanding Musicians that have performed at Classic MOONFEST          

August 12-13 2022




Geoffrey Castle

Whiskey River

Daring Greatly Band

Shawn James – canceled

Rockfish and Friends

Sweet Forgiveness


 2021 August 14

    Pat Travers Band                                                                         The Randy Hansen Band

    Brenda Kashmir & Friends


    Roger Fisher, Bryan Christiansen

 2020 classic Quarantine


  2019 August 9-10

    Head East

    Petty Fever

    Evo Floyd

    Geoffrey Castle

    Rockfish & Friends

    Kalan Wolfe & the Shift

    Rockndoc and the Backbones 

  2018 August 10-11


    Creedence Revelation

    Jay Roberts

    Joy in Mudville

    Triple Treat soul band

    Surf Band

  2017 July


    Head band

 2015 August 21-22

    Bill Carter

    Ian Moore

    Geoffrey Castle

    Creedence Revelation


    Billy Stoops

 2014 August 22-24

    Roger Fisher Band

    Leon Hendrix Band

    Austin Jenckes

    Leroy Bell


    Massey Ferguson

    Stephanie Anne Johnson

    Strangely Alright

    Junkyard Jane

    The True Spokes 

    Ted Brown Live it Out Load

    Nolan Garret

    The Staff Brothers

    Vicci Martinez

  2013 August 23-25

    Roger Fisher

    Blake Noble

    Caspian Coberly

    Leroy Bell


    Junkyard Jane

    Lefthand Smoke

    Alice Sttuart

    Ethan Freckleton

    Dusty 45's

    True Spokes

    Impossible Bird

 2012 August 18

    Roger Fisher 

    Dennis Mitchel Band

    Randy Hansen Band

    Mark and Marie

    Petty Fever

    The 350's

    British Export

    No Quarter


    Rolling Tones

    Joe Miller


 2011 August 13

    Dennis Mitchell Band

    Magic Carpet Ride

    Charlie Marinkovch

    The Humbuckers

    Dan Crenshaw

    Mango Smash

    Brian Barta Band

    Dawn Lindsey

    Cold Shot

    Shawdow of OZ




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